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"I Don't Want To Be Next"

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas w/Marker
Size: 16 x 20 Inches
Date: August 2014

This was a spur-of-the-moment painting...and the quickest one I've done.

I saw a vid from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri and one of the young children had a poster with these words: "I Don't Want to Be Next." Immediately I stopped the vid and started painting... 

This is a response to all of the emotions that are felt among the Black Community dealing with Police Brutality, Police Injustice, and unarmed boys and men being slayed by Police.

This is ALSO a response to tall the emotions that are felt among the Black Community dealing with senseless death by Our own hands, I:E Self-Genocide. 

I want this to be a mediator between both situations as our children are the ones who are TRULY suffering. 

Too many times when situations of Injustice occurs where an unarmed Black person is killed by Police, the outrage is always countered with the outrage about "Black on Black" crime...

The sad thing is, when We bicker back and forth about those two sad sad SAD situations, We use up valuable time to come together and organize around them both. 

This is for ALL who are hurting be it because of Police targeting and murdering Innocent Black People, or be it because of the senseless violence done to each other by our Own hands.

I Love You all...

This is my Tears to You and For You. 

Solidarity and Compassion. #AfterWarComesPeace.#EnochTheJediSith#NeoHippie. Selah 

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